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Commercial General Liability

There is no way to eliminate accidents in your business, but commercial general liability coverage will help protect you when accidents happen. Between employees, patrons, suppliers and investors, the possibility of accidents, injuries and claims are unavoidable. It’s only after an accident happens that business owners consider if they have enough coverage.

Regardless of the size of your business, you should retain general liability insurance to protect your business against claims brought due to bodily injury or property damage. There are limitations to any insurance policy, have a Nevada West Business Insurance agent explain the coverage you have and what suits your business. Don’t be exposed to accidents on your property caused by conditions at your building, operations in progress, or completed operations.

Employees and anyone they come in contact with while under your employment can file a claim or lawsuit against  you for any number of reasons, from fund to cover medical expenses or claims of unfulfilled promises stated in business contracts. Having a commercial line of general liability insurance helps your business to stand strong through challenging situations. Cover your assets and the possibility of legal defense costs and legal damages you may be obligated to pay in a settlement.

A Nevada West Business Insurance agent will explain all of the benefits and costs of a policy, or can help you to see where your current policy might not cover your current needs. We offer a wide range of options to completely cover your business from the unforeseeable future.