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Crime Free Program

Welcome to Nevada West Crime Free Program

Safety. Security. Service.

What is Nevada West Crime Free?

Nevada West Crime Free is a unique crime prevention insurance product that pais an on-site risk analysis, crime prevention steps and custom-made security and safety plans with responsible liability coverage. For no additional cost, Nevada West’s highly renowned risk manager analyzes and manages risk at properties, identifies safety items already in use eligible for credit, holds safety social events, provides expert witness services and provides private crime prevention training. The most crucial component of the services is most often overlooked by businesses – vulnerability assessments plus written security and safety plans.

Each of our services ensures the safety of residents and employees while safeguarding properties from multi-million dollar lawsuits.
Nevada West Crime Free is available to business owners, property managers, property owners’ homeowners associations and management companies for a variety of property types including businesses, self-storage facilities, multi-housing, hotels/motels and condominiums/townhouses.

Benefits to your company

  • Reduced exposure to premises liability
  • Insurance savings of up to 30%
  • Written safety and security plans and a risk assessment endorsed by law enforcement in more than 2,000 cities internationally
  • Complimentary expert witness services as required by plan
  • A more satisfied and stable tenant/guest base
  • Reduced criminal activity
  • Increased demand for quality tenants
  • A reputation for crime prevention dedication
  • More time spent on routine management and less time on crisis control
  • Appreciative renters/guests
  • Increased property recovery rate by police

In this dynamic business environment we continue to seek out new opportunities that will better serve our clients.

Trusted Experts
How often do you see insurance brokerages used as expert sources on the television news? The experience professionals at Nevada West are often called upon to give interviews and provide valuable security and safety information to the numerous communities we serve.

Nevada West Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Keeping Illegal Activity OFF Your Property

How Does Nevada West Crime Free Apply to Multi-Housing?

The Nevada West Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to benefit and protect property managers, owners and residents of housing property.
This insurance product addresses the risks associated with owning or managing multi-housing units and provides benefits that improve safety, reduce liability and provide savings on insurance costs.

Recognizing Risks
Common risks associated with owning and managing multi-housing property:

  • Property damage resulting from abuse, retaliation, neglect or police raids
  • Fire resulting from the cultivation or manufacturing of illegal substances
  • Loss of valued tenants
  • Loss of revenue due to required eviction or reduction in residents due to required repairs
  • Disputes and resentment between residents and property managers
  • Fear and frustration when dealing with threatening and dangerous tenants
  • Civil penalties including temporary property closure and possible property seizure
  • Decline in property values

Product Advantages
The Nevada West Crime Free Multi-Housing Program addresses and works to eliminate risks and increase safety, benefiting the owner or manager as it:

  • Increases safety of property, residents and vendors
  • Reduces liability of claim severity
  • Provides insurance discounts up to 30%
  • Offers coverage from “A” rated insurance carriers
  • Gives a written safety plan incorporating Crime Free principles and practices endorsed by police departments in more than 2,000 cities across the U.S. and internationally
  • Provides safety training for employees and residents
  • Provides expert witness services

Safety Benefits
Property owners or managers who participate in Nevada West Crime Free enjoy the following benefits:

  • A stable, more satisfied resident base
  • Increased demand with a reputation for active management
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased property values
  • Improved personal safety for residents, employees, landlords and managers
  • Peace of mind as they spend more time on routine management, less time on crisis control

Other Crime Free Products

  • Commercial and retail centers
  • Condominiums and town homes
  • Public storage facilities
  • Hotels, motels and resorts
  • Manufactured homes
  • Public and private country clubs
  • Owner and occupied properties
  • Homeowner associations
  • RV parks
  • Security Firms
  • Local boys and girls clubs

Excellent information means better choices. Excellent customer service means educating you, the client, so that you can make informed decisions. Nevada West Business Insurance is happy to connect you to the information you need.

Employee Training
Annual industry-specific safety and security elated training programs at the client’s convenience

Crisis Management Plan
Comprehensive emergency plan to enhance and expand the client’s existing policies

Security Manual
Comprehensive safety policies to enhance and expand the client’s existing security policies

Training Manual
Comprehensive safety and security training manual for new and existing employees

Consultation and Security Guidelines Review
Based on NFPA 730 Guidelines as applicable to client

Web-Based Resources
Safety and security related literature and videos are available for client’s review

Technical Support
Available 24 hours a day via our website or by contacting our office during business hours

Security Vulnerability Assessment
Comprehensive security review of the client’s property and practices

Work Product Vulnerability Assessment
Confidential comprehensive security review of the client’s property

Industry Certification Program

  • Certificates awarded for each of the levels that are completed or achieved
  • Management Training Certification – exceed industry standards: Reduce risk and increase profits and increased customer reach and retention with safer environments
  • Business Security Certification – Exceed applicable industry standards: Reduce risk and increase profits and free expert witness assistance and less paid on settlements
  • Employee Training Certification – Exceed industry safe standards: Reduce risk and increase profits, increase employee reach and retention with safer environments

*DISCLAIMER: The abbreviated outlines contained throughout this site are intended to inform and are not intended to express any legal opinion as to the nature of coverage or pricing. They are only visual aids to help understand the basic points of this information and continually change. Contact us for information specific to your needs.


  • Level of protection against lawsuits
    Insurance – Low just over 20 of 100
    Community Based Crime Free Program – Medium just over 50 of 100
    NV West Crime Free – High at 90 of 100
  • Percentage of Targeted Insurance Savings
    Insurance – Low 10% Savings
    Community Based Crime Free Program – Medium 20% Savings
    NV West Crime Free – High at 30% Savings

Levels of Protection

By combining Insurance and Nevada West Crime Free Program you will have not only an insurance policy, limited loss control, discretionary credits, a one day seminar, training manual and resident safety social event. With the entire curriculum designed around keeping you protected, and keeping your residents safe.

The following are only available for Qualified Nevada West Clients

  • Employee Training
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Security Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Security Consolidation and Review
  • Web-Based Resources
  • Technical Support
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Work, Product Vulnerability Assessment
  • Industry Certification Program
  • Less Money Paid on Settlements
  • Higher Demands
  • Employees Feel Safer
  • Customers Feel Safer

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