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Group Health Insurance

Health insurance offered through an employer, or group health insurance, can be elaborate and challenging for human resource departments and administration. At Nevada West Business Insurance we offer comprehensive health care packages, and are efficient in facilitating the custom insurance program your small business needs.

Custom plan choices include: a fee-for-service plan, a health maintenance organization (HMO), Point of Service (POS) or a preferred provider organization (PPO). These plans differ in significant ways and can be explained in detail by our knowledgeable agents.

Policies differ widely in coverage and cost. Your agent will shop various policies to find the best one for you. Because situations change, it is important to review your health insurance regularly with your Nevada West Business Insurance Agent. Make sure that you are protecting your business and employees with the right group health insurance from Nevada West Business Insurance.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

Contracting with a network of providers a PPO is an option that allows you the option to choose a primary care physician, but doesn’t require that they approve you to see other providers in your network. Receiving care  makes you responsible for your annual deductible is a common feature of PPOs. While copayment is due at time for your visit of in-network physicians, out-of-network visits often require reimbursement from the insurance company. Here are some of the characteristics of a PPO:

  • You can choose doctors, hospitals, and other providers. Out-of-network doctors reimburse less than in-network care.
  • No referral needed to see specialists, but some specialists require a referral, and sometimes prior approval is required.
  • Not required to choose a primary care physician.
  • Care from in-network providers reduce need to file an insurance claims.

POS (Point of Service)

Participants have the freedom to choose the level of benefit they receive each and every time they seek medical services. There is not just one point-of-service product, but rather there are several of them. Regardless of whether you select a self-funded or HMO-oriented option, all point-of-service products have the following common characteristics

  • HMO-type enrollment with assigned primary care physician. Also known as the gatekeeper.
  • Plan design aimed at encouraging in-network care and curbing out-of-network care.
  • Choice by participants whenever care is sought.

While there are similarities in POS plans, there are many differences your Nevada West Business Insurance agent will be happy to explain to you. Regardless of the plan you choose for your group health insurance, we will make sure that it is the right choice for your employees and company.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)

Similar to the other group health insurance programs Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs are managed care plans contracting with doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and testing and treatment centers to give your employees high quality care at a reasonable cost. HMOs require that you select a primary care physician and receive most of your care from in-network providers. Should you need to see a specialist, receive specific testing or diagnostics, a referral will be needed. The characteristics of an HMO include:

  • Preselected choices of a network of care providers
  • You must select a primary care physician for referrals of specialized service
  • A referral is unnecessary in emergency situations
  • Providers are required to file claims for reimbursement
  • The only charge you can expect from in-network care is a copayment

As with all insurance coverages Nevada West Business Insurance knows that there is a lot going into your employee benefits and group health insurance decision. Gain the knowledge and insight from true experts and speak with and agent about your coverage.

About Nevada West Group Health Agents

At Nevada West Business Insurance we are a licensed health insurance brokerage, with agents ready to consult with you about your health insurance needs. We are able to provide you with the full details to allow you to weigh the options available. Our focus is on the benefits of working with a company that understands your needs and the needs of your individual employees.


As members of the National Association of Health Underwriters, we are able to handle the needs of small business owners, employers and human resources administrators, and their health insurance coverage.

Dramatic changes to health insurance ave made the marketplace increasingly challenging to understand. The professional  insurance advisory role is increasingly important for you to understand the insurance choices you have available to you.

At Nevada West Business Insurance our team of agents will analyze your risk and take the time to explain the right insurance policy to fit you and your group.

We understand all of the laws to get you the right plan, at the right price, to keep your business covered.