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Workers Compensation

At Nevada West Business Insurance we know that you do everything you can to keep your valued employees safe and accident-free while on the job. We also know that no matter how hard you try, accidents will happen. Even the smallest accident can result in an injury, and it only takes one injury to put an employee out of commission for weeks, or even months.

As a business owner you have an obligation to make certain that your business is protected from loss and your employee is compensated for their injuries without causing financial burden. A Nevada West Business Insurance agent can explain, in detail, all of the options you have for workers compensation insurance. After a consultation your agent will understand where your business may be vulnerable and your employees left exposed.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers medical care and rehabilitation related to at-work accidents, and medical bills related to diseases picked up while working. Make sure to evaluate the potential for lost wages due to missed work and other economic losses your business may become liable for. Should the unthinkable happen are you properly covered to provide benefits to dependents left behind due to an on-the-job-accident.

Make sure that you are protecting your business with the right insurance from Nevada West Business Insurance.