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Construction and Contractors Insurance

As a construction company, your coverage protects not only your business but also the businesses and homes you work in and around.  Trades and construction companies must protect themselves from claims. At Nevada West Business Insurance our agents understand the coverage you need to cover your business, employees and equipment.

Standard construction insurance for general contractors includes a commercial vehicle insurance policy and a business owner’s policy, which covers general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.  Often, we recommend combining coverages to reduce any gaps.  This can also reduce your premiums, keeping your insurance more affordable without sacrificing protection.

Artisan Contractor Coverage Amounts to Big Savings

At Nevada West Insurance we offer lines of contractor insurance from multiple carriers. Understanding how our carriers base their rates helps us to find you the right insurance coverage for your small contracting business. Where small crew, artisan, contracting companies may find big savings by basing your rate on your number of employees rather than revenue, others may find them in other ways. In many instances our team has helped small crew, artisan contractors save up to 50 percent on their commercial insurance rates.

Nevada West agents will help you understand exactly where one coverage ends and another begins. By custom tailoring your coverage, we will provide you with the protection you need and with the most competitive premiums.

Protecting your business with the right coverage from Nevada West Business Insurance.

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