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Homeowners Associations Insurance

Homeowner Associations (HOA) are responsible for  keeping your neighborhood streets, pools, clubhouses and parks clean and functional. Collecting dues and fees to keep these grounds and structures in your housing development, complex or master planned community maintained is a large task.  Your HOA insurance policy will cover not just the legal entity of your HOA, but also it’s members, and physical assets from damages arising from property and liability claims.

Think about your neighborhood or community and the risks for accidents on the property. Your HOA insurance policy will offer coverage for individual HOA members and for the assets owned by the HOA. The coverage for individual members of the association will include liability coverage for directors, officers, trustees, committee members, and even volunteers. Assets owned by the HOA will cover any physical assets including common areas such as parks and pools, as well as funds collected through HOA fees.

At Nevada West Business Insurance we custom tailor your HOA insurance policy to fit your exact needs.