Disability Insurance – Long Term and Short Term

Have you ever considered what would happen if you were to be disabled? Consider that 1 in 5 individuals is disabled in the United States. If something happened to you who would pay your bills and replace the financial obligation you have to yourself and your family?

Should you endure a prolonged disability due to an illness or injury, long-term disability (LTD) insurance helps keep the roof over your head, electricity bills paid and food on the table. By supplementing your income up to two-thirds of your current income level,  what could be a financial hardship is eased.

Lengths of coverage, and percentage may vary by coverage. Your Nevada West Business Insurance agent will take the time to discuss your options and shop for the right LTD Insurance coverage for your company. Options are available to cover rehabilitation services, return-to-work support, designed to assist with recovery in a goal to return individuals to independent, productive work.

Ask about LTD Insurance for your group health plan during your consultation with your Las Vegas agent today.

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