Individual Dental Plans

It is suggested that you visit your dentist for an oral exam and cleaning at least every 6 months to promote healthy oral hygiene. Having good oral health is one of the essential parts of maintaining a health lifestyle. As a supplemental insurance coverage to your health insurance plan dental insurance premiums are as affordable as they are necessary. Prevention is a key emphasis of dental insurance plans, and most coverage providers include the cost of routine dental checkups including examinations, cleanings, and other preventative care treatments.

Dental Plan Basics

To fully understand the benefits of the right dental insurance plan, contact your local Nevada West Business Insurance provider, but here are some of the basics terms you will want to know. Deductible, this is a term included in almost all health insurance plan. Your deductible is the specified dollar amount you must pay prior to your insurance covering expenses. Every plan is different, but your anticipated deductible should be factored into the overall rate of your premium to get a true picture of cost for your dental insurance.  Pre-Treatment estimates may be used to determine if your dental insurance benefits will cover extensive dental care or procedures. It is common to ask your dentist to complete and submit a request to your dental insurance provider to determine the amount the benefit plan will pay towards the procedure or treatment and your portion of the financial responsibility.

Networks are used to keep dental insurance premiums to a minimum. Every insurance program has a different network, and while your dentist may belong to multiple networks, the reduced cost of using an in-network provider is typically significant. Annual maximums are used to limit the dollar amount your dental care provider will reimburse for your coverage, typically this is a calendar year from January to December. Benefit periods, unlike annual maximums are not typically a calendar year, but rather contingent upon when you enroll in your individual dental plan.

Contact the professional dental insurance agents at Nevada West Business Insurance to learn more, or for more information about how to enroll in dental plans.

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