Why You Don’t Need Medical Payments On Your Fleet Auto Policy

Are you paying to much for your commercial fleet auto policy? Do you want to know how to save some money for your business? Often it’s as high as $250 a vehicle per year. Often people carry coverage that is redundant and here is one of those time.

Unlike with personal lines where you can frequently have passengers in your car, by in large it’s employees only in commercial vehicles and if they are injured in an accident on company time, by law it’s a workers comp claim. That includes the driver and any employee passengers. Even if they cause the accident, that is case. And keep in mind if there is liability to paid off the commercial-fleet auto policy, the medical payments was just extra money that an attorney can have with absolutely no negotiation.

The auto liability will still respond to the injuries of those hurt in the car involved and if by chance there is a non-employee riding in said commercial vehicle.

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